To New Beginings!

I have tried a web site for my craft business several times in the past without much luck. Websites tend to require a lot of time and work especially with the hosting sites I have previously tried. With this new format (new to me anyway) on Indiemade I am able to have everything… site, blog, store, galleries ect all in one place. It will still take me a while to get it all fixed up the way I want it but at least it will not take me more time on upkeep than it will to actually craft stuff to put on the website!!!

I am going to attempt to do a blog post once a week on Mondays as Monday is my least busy day of the week. My blogs will cover my adventures in crafting (and life) and will cover many different styles and types of crafts. With Yarn and Crocheting being my main medium many posts will be on that topic. Since I am new to blogging bare with me as I learn! So here is to new Beginnings!  ~Morg


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Sounds interesting! I am

Sounds interesting! I am actually also planning to put up my own website too, featuring the things that I love to do most. I'd probably just make blogs about the different movies that I have watched and make reviews about them. I'm sure many people are going to be interested to visit my blog if I do that, well hopefully they will. Anyway, continue to make blogs about your crafts okay! I'll try to keep track of the things you do every now and then.

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