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In the mail today....

In the mail today was a small package with a double ended crochet hook. A double ended hook is used for a type of Tunisian crochet called Cro-Hook or Cro-Knit that uses two different yarns. It’s a fun and easy technique to learn and I love how this particular type of Tunisian makes stripes from the two colors. I first learned of this technique from a Crochetville post about a belly dancing belt, which then led me on a hunt for videos to add the technique to my repertoire!

To New Beginings!

I have tried a web site for my craft business several times in the past without much luck. Websites tend to require a lot of time and work especially with the hosting sites I have previously tried. With this new format (new to me anyway) on Indiemade I am able to have everything… site, blog, store, galleries ect all in one place. It will still take me a while to get it all fixed up the way I want it but at least it will not take me more time on upkeep than it will to actually craft stuff to put on the website!!!

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